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Christmas Tree Selection

Before you select your tree, think about where you would like to display it in    your home or business. Use a tape measure and verify the size of area you would like to fill. This will be help narrow down the choices as you select your tree on the farm or retail lot.

The type of tree you choose is up to your preference. For further information to aid in your decision making, please go to Tree Types.

Once on the farm or retail lot, do a freshness test. Gently grasp a branch between your thumb and forefinger and pull it toward you.

Very few needles should come off in your hand if the tree is fresh. Shake or bounce the tree on its stump. You should not see an excessive amount of green needles fall to the ground. Some loss of interior brown needles is normal and will occur over the lifetime of the tree

Make sure the handle or base of the tree is straight and 6-8 inches long so it will fit easily into the stand.

Once you have found your perfect tree, follow our care instructions to ensure freshness for the remainder of the season.